One inventive person, one cool invention: TrikeMobil. A special tricycle designed for the ones that care both of their comfort and the environment.

How did it all start, what’s the story behind your startup?

The story starts like this. Since I can remember, I have car sickness. At the age of 12, I decided I have to learn to build for myself a better car, not to have car sickness. This decision guided my life, to follow  mechanical engineering field in high school and faculty. All this help me to study hard and be at the top of my class and to follow my plan. With the idea that in the future I will build a vehicle.

All this time I work on the vehicle in my mind but more actively in university years.

After finishing the university, I started working to gather money to build it, but was never enough, just to pay off rent. And two years ago an opportunity arrive to work in Cluj-Napoca for double the salary. I decided to go for it even if meant that I have to be far away from my family and friends. I gather some money and the program Impact Startup Factory motivated enough that is time to invest in my idea to build a proof of idea and then a prototype.

Name three keywords that best describe your business

Tricycle, safety and economical.

What is your motivation? What gets you from thinking to DOING?

I want to build the TrikeMobil because I have some resources and knowledge. And is the best time to do it, because of the program impact factory I have exposure to people. With the hope that in future I will have my company to build wonderful products for people and pleasant environment to work in.

How do you plan to IMPACT the world?

I want with TrikeMobil to help people travel safely and economically, helping the environment together.

Impact Startup Factory is an incubation program organized by Impact Hub Bucharest, Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca and Impact Hub Zurich, in partnership with the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation. The Social Impact Incubator is a partnership between Impact Hubs in Romania and Impact Hub Zurich to adapt an innovation and entrepreneurship methodology developed in Switzerland for growing Romanian communities through the power of startups designed for profit, people and planet. The initiative will be implemented March 2016 – February 2017 and is co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union in total value of 73,116.72 CHF.