The story began few years ago, once the team members discovered their passion for cooking and preparing dinner with friends. As they are all preoccupied with nutrition, it has always been a challenge to find reasonably priced organic ingredients. Inevitably, this concern regarding the food’s quality led to an increased attention on the environment. On those subjective aspects of the matter, we can add the subjective reasons regarding the Romanian organic product’s market status, which is certainly expanding. Based on the studies for the following 10 years, there will be a ”boom” on the organic product’s market, in our country.

How did it all start, what’s the story behind your startup?

Shortly, the primary need of eating healthy food and the market’s status in Romania led to this urban agricultural pilot project. Thus, six months ago, the team decided to make an investment in their first space where they can grow the organic products, in a 100 sqm basement, located downtown Bucharest. The location has been chosen strategically, for saving time and being close to the clients. 

Name three key words that best describe your business


What is your motivation? What gets you from thinking to DOING?

For the Urban Agricultors’ team, the urban farming pilot is a social design project. This represents an opportunity to mix the most recent technologies from the agricultural domain and nature, with the aim of reshaping the lifestyle in crowded cities. 

The team strongly believed in health and nature harmony. In durability. In people. This is the reason why the possibility of creating their own organic products under the brand Newtrition and their distribution in the urban environment led to action.

How do you plan to IMPACT the world?

By innovating the currently used agricultural technology, the urban farming model being a new concept in Europe. This model ensured a superior quality on the products and is, in the same time, sustainable and in conformity with the actual tendencies of the European Union’s business management. 

Why do you think it will be a successful startup?

New-trition’s mission is to create profit with integrity, helping to reduce the costs and CO2 print in the organic product’s life cycle, through sustainability and ecological responsibility. 

Who is the team behind Inergy Romania?

  • Samih Ahmad, 29, Bucharest, master in “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture, co-founder at 01Studio and Unity Manufacture, experienced in the fabrication process and projection regarding a large area of products, as well as research and development. He has a Diploma  in Architecture Annual 2015 with MBQ Shop  project.
  • Bera Ionut Razvan – 29, MA in International Communication and Durable Development, graduate of the Communication and PR Faculty at SNSPA Bucharest. Experience in corporate and public communication; management skills; Media & Pr; Diplomacy and international relations; travel and events
  • Adriana Albita, 29 years old – graduate of the International Relations and European Studies Faculty, specialised in CSR and european studies. Experience in politics and organizational practices in corporations, marketing and management.
  • Ana Tanase, 26, Bucharest, The Horticulture Faculty at USAMV Bucharest, Erasmus in Perugia 6 months. Took part at various conferences: gestione dell rischio in agricoltura: le sfide della nuova PAC – organised by Ce.SAR Europe Direct (centre for reginonal rural agriculture) Umbria, MA in Technology of producing special wines and derivate products at USAMV Cluj, Inactive member of the Romanian Permaculture Association, horticulturist engineer at Vitis Metamorfosis wine cellar.
  • Vrej Romeo, 35 years old; Logistics expert with more than 15 years of experience in HoReCa field;
  • Ana Bera – Relationship Manager and juridical expert, with 10 years experience in diplomacy and international relations; 
  • Razvan Savu, 29 years old, engineer IOT & big data. He is currently Business Solutions Leader at Ymens.
  • Sabrina Ahmad, 26 years old, Bucharest, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture, integrated MA, co-founder A.M.A.I.S. Association, co-founder 01 Studio, co-founder Unity Manufacture. Participation: practical construction workshop with traditional methods,  ‘Scoala de la Bunesti’ (Editions: II-adobe, III-wood, IV-masonry),  upcycling workshop and construction flag.  ‘Enable residual space’ UAUIM+AFCN, workshop ‘Urban Spaces Activation’ MNAC, ‘Restoration and conservation romaian-spanish workshop’ (Sf Gheorghe-RO, Sarmisegetusza/Tara Hategului-RO, Leon si Segovia-SP), Urban activation and restoration Campulung Muscel- UAUIM Ro/ UAX Sp/ Campulung Muscel Hall, Awards: 3rd prize III concurs ‘Shelter for fishermen in the Danube Delta’. Architecture Annual 2016 – Project Sensibility.

We expanded the current team with a new member, namely Raluca Ana-Maria Cocuz aged 23 years, graduate of the Faculty of Political Science, SNSPA. She is currently a second year MA student, on issues of gender relations. She has experience in communication and management, gained through involvement in volunteering activities.

Cumulative experience of the team members will ensure premium quality services and products prepared. Thus, each member will play a key role in shaping the experience, so you enjoy the tasty ingredients, which are at the same time affordable, accessible and healthy, good for you and for the planet!

Impact Startup Factory is an incubation program organized by Impact Hub Bucharest, Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca and Impact Hub Zurich, in partnership with the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation. The Social Impact Incubator is a partnership between Impact Hubs in Romania and Impact Hub Zurich to adapt an innovation and entrepreneurship methodology developed in Switzerland for growing Romanian communities through the power of startups designed for profit, people and planet. The initiative will be implemented March 2016 – February 2017 and is co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union in total value of 73,116.72 CHF.