Madalina and Vlad wanted to facilitate the donation process, by allowing people to give to others through a monthly subscription. People can support a cause or organization and donate through an app, simplifying very much the entire donation process.

How did it all start, what’s the story behind your startup?

We noticed when hanging out with our friends that they wanted to do more, to help with something or someone, to make a change in the world. While having the wanting and the willingness, they were struggling with the lack of time. To us, after working with NGOs we knew that there are dedicated people who have the time to do the good that our friends wanted to be done, but lack the resources, whereas our friends lack the time, but have the resources. So the idea of iHelp came naturally: why not connect those with the time with those with the resources? And how can we do it in a quick and effortless way?

This inspired us into thinking that the easiest way to connect them is by developing a mobile app which notifies people to make a good deed every day. The app includes a range of NGOs, and humanitarian projects, that people can choose to help based on a monthly subscription. With 1 leu or euro per day and a touch of your smartphone’s screen, each of us can help support our dearest causes.

Name three key words that best describe your business

Action, easy, change.

What is your motivation? What gets you from thinking to DOING?

What matters at the end of the day is to make a difference. We understood that by developing an app, lives can be changed or even saved. Either it’s someone’s life, or the life of an endangered animal or even something as small as putting a smile on a child’s face. The fact that we can help people to make that difference through this mobile app is what fuels our actions and makes us be so focused and committed towards its success.

How do you plan to IMPACT the world?

We are basically trying to build a “change creator”, or “change facilitator” for you though your smartphone. We all use this device to helps us in so many ways, how about using it to help others? We intend to cover a full spectrum of NGOs that range from organisations helping children to the ones supporting veterans. The protection of our environment and of animals will be only a touch away if this is what you deeply care about. We also wish though the app to put the spotlight on specific projects that have an immediate outcome such as building a new hospital wing, or a new orphanage. The ways we can do good are truly endless, and little by little we can change the world. Let us help you help others!

Who are the team members?

Mădălina Melinte, 23 years old, Bucharest, background in Political Sciences and diplomacy

Vlad Vrînceanu, 24 years old, Bucharest, background in Law studies and NGO volunteering

You can see this team pitching at one of the ”Pitch, Please” events in Bucharest & Cluj

Impact Startup Factory is an incubation program organized by Impact Hub Bucharest, Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca and Impact Hub Zurich, in partnership with the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation. The Social Impact Incubator is a partnership between Impact Hubs in Romania and Impact Hub Zurich to adapt an innovation and entrepreneurship methodology developed in Switzerland for growing Romanian communities through the power of startups designed for profit, people and planet. The initiative will be implemented March 2016 – February 2017 and is co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union in total value of 73,116.72 CHF.