Every second matters. This is an insight that Ana Maria and Diana used when they planned to develop a super app dedicated to the sports people who are in a competition/match being meant to reduce the intervention team’s reaction time in case of a medical emergency.  The health state of the sports people is monitored during the entire competition and any change of the normal parameters is communicated in real time to the intervention team. Pretty cool, right?

How did it all start, what’s the story behind your startup?

One day we were talking about how refreshing it would be to have a gadget that could collect the accurate information about your health condition during physical activities. And more, to have the certainty that in case something happened to you, someone would provide professional medical support as soon as possible. Having this idea in mind, we started to make a list of parameters that we could collect during sports activities without interfering with the routine or quality of the activity and how these would help to create a background on the health condition of the sportsman. Next, we started to think about the entire flow and dynamics behind the process and all the ideas just came naturally.

Name three key words that best describe your business

Professionalism, prevention, protection

What is your motivation? What gets you from thinking to DOING?

We want to improve life conditions by contributing to a (health) system in which every second matters. Therefore, our motivation is based on creating a better and safer world, where I ❤ 2 run would be used as a tool for prevention and health protection while engaging in physical activities.

How do you plan to IMPACT the world?

Nowadays, when technology is part of our daily life, having access to your medical information in real time and using them properly seems to be the next step towards practicing sports in safer and self-aware conditions.

Who is I ❤ 2 run

Ana Maria VladilaAna Maria Vladila (29), Bucharest, graduated from ‘Carol Davila’ University of Medicine in 2012 – currently working as a Neurology resident at Colentina Clinical Hospital.




Diana VasileDiana Vasile (28), Bucharest, graduated from Academy of Economic Studies – bachelor degree in marketing (2009) and finance (2011) and master degree in Management of Marketing (2011) – currently working in a private medical clinic.