Impact Startup Factory – Cluj Warmup Workshop

Tuesday, June 28th, 16:30 – 21:30, Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca

Join us to clean-up the footprint our consumption leaves on planet and communities. We’re inviting entrepreneurial-minded people from any background (including healthcare, business, education, tech, design, and more) to join us for an afternoon of brainstorming, ideating, and prototyping.

Is this workshop for me?

If you are passionate about making an impact through innovative business, you’ll get to: learn the inside stories of entrepreneurs who are already providing the world with better, cleaner products, services and technologies brainstorm and learn how to tell the difference between IDEA and OPPORTUNITY You do not need to have an idea to join, but if you do, even better – you will take it further. Also, participating as a team (startup, NGO or a group of friends) will make your experience even better.


  • 16:30 17:00 Registration
  • 17:00 18:00 What’s the CONSUMPTION Challenge? Inside stories from impact entrepreneurs
  • 18:00 19:00 Ideation for Impact
  • 19:00 19:15 Coffee Break
  • 19:15 20:15 IDEA or OPPORTUNITY? Customers & market opportunities
  • 20:15 21:15 Customer experience storyboarding
  • 21:15 21:45 Wrap-up & Q&A

Who you will meet at this event

Marius Șoflete – Inginerie Creativă

Marius is the Founder of Inginerie Creativă. Creative engineering means innovating in civil engineering, giving an efficient, sustainable and aesthetical answer  for all architectural challenges. With a rich background in engineering, he tooked part into important projects, such as PRISPA house, the first Romanian team participating at Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, winning the 2nd prize for energy efficiency. He is part of many innovative projects in the constructions field, such as the first passive house certificated by Passivhaus (Germany), built in Cluj-Napoca, raised Călțun Mountain shelter and many other projects. 


Silviu Corpodeanu – Grădini Verticale

Silviu is the co-owner of Grădini Verticale, a business based in Cluj-Napoca. With a rich background in ecology, sustainability and landscape design, he is one of the best horticulture engineer. He has a Master degree in Science, Biodiversity and Bio Conservation and is currently a PHD student in Horticultural Science.

Sebastian Hosu – Cămara de la munte

Sebastian is the owner of Cămara de la munte, a small producer of traditional jams, syrups and tea made from forest fruits. This business came to existence 7 years ago and is based in Mărișel, 50 km away from Cluj-Napoca, in the Apuseni Mountains. Sebastian is a great entrepreneur, who is managing together with his wife, a guest house and restaurant, called Cabana Moților.

Lucian Grămescu – Impact Hub Bucharest

Lucian works with and for entrepreneurs because he loves people who turn ideas into reality – especially those who solve real, painful problems in the process. He has been working since 2008 in in entrepreneurship education and support programs.

Event registrations

This free workshop is part of the Impact Startup Factory, the acceleration program that takes impact entrepreneurs like you from concept to a validated product or service and a clear go-to-market plan ready to get you started.

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