These are the winners! Congratulations!

4 minutes, an impactful idea and a good plan, that’s all these teams needed in order to enter the final stage of the program Impact Startup Factory.

Cloud Walkers, Say Hello, Via Happiness, iNergy, Real Look, Transylvania Archery, Trike Mobil and Green School are the 8 teams which will travel to Zurich in September to meet investors and receive feedback and new ideas on developing their startups. They will spend the next 4 months working on their business plans and getting their ideas ready for launching.

Who are the impactful startups of tomorrow?

  • Say Hello is proposing an alternative solution for renewing the wardrobe through a monthly subscription which offers a variety of dresses for business women who prefer to reduce the number of clothing items they are buying, especially the ones which are rarely worn.
  • Via Happiness encourages the time spent in family, offering books and games especially created for parents and children, bringing the family in a state of interaction and emotional intelligence development.
  • Real Look helps online shoppers find clothes that fit, by using machine learning to connect them to people with a similar figure.
  • Cloud Walkers is an electro-stimulant shoe sock, which reduces the discomfort caused by the footwear, especially the ones with heels.
  • Inergy Romania is using the technology and team’s experience in energetic efficiency for developing a system or urban farms in small spaces, dedicated to the production of exotic ingredients, accessible to premium restaurants through a short valoric chain.
  • Trike Mobil is an unique transportation vechicle, a covered tricycle which offers more mobility for the ones who wish to leave their car at home, even when the weather is not necessarily favorable for cycling rides. It eliminates polluting factors, as well as traffic risks.
  • Transilvania Archery is encouraging the time spent with the family in nature by organizing competitions and workshops of archery. Instead of spending the time indoors, families and friends can meet and pratice a sport which is not very well known nowadays.
  • Green School is an alternative school, based on ecological education. It will be located far from the urban crowd, surrounded by nature and the classes will be slightly different than the traditional ones.

Congratulations to all participants! We’re looking forward to hearing good business news from you all!

Impact Startup Factory is an incubation program organized by Impact Hub Bucharest, Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca and Impact Hub Zurich, in partnership with the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation. The Social Impact Incubator is a partnership between Impact Hubs in Romania and Impact Hub Zurich to adapt an innovation and entrepreneurship methodology developed in Switzerland for growing Romanian communities through the power of startups designed for profit, people and planet. The initiative will be implemented March 2016 – February 2017 and is co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union in total value of 73,116.72 CHF.